Course material

Course videocasts and slides are available at the bottom of the page and on our SwitchTube channel.

Upcoming PsPM courses

There are regular PsPM courses. To check for updates, have a look on our news site, on bachlab news, or follow bachlab on twitter.

Past PsPM courses

Course slides & webcasts

All course webcasts are hosted on our SwitchTube channel.

  • 01 PsPM Overview: Slides (Dominik R. Bach)
  • 02 LTI & GLM: Slides (Dominik R. Bach)
  • 03 SCR models: Slides (Dominik R. Bach)
  • 04 Pupil size models: Slides (Christoph W. Korn)
  • 05 Heart period models: Slides (Philipp C. Paulus)
  • 06 Respiration & startle eye blink models: Slides (Dominik R. Bach)
  • 07 Measuring fear conditioning with PsPM: Slides
  • Tutorial 2: GLM (Dominik R Bach)
  • Tutorial 3: non-linear SCR model and artefact control (Dominik R Bach)
  • Tutorial 4: pupil size analysis (Christoph W Korn)
  • Tutorial 5: Workflow automation I (Filip Melinscak)
  • Slides
  • Tutorial files

  • Tutorial 6: Workflow automation II (Filip Melinscak)
  • Slides
  • Tutorial files

  • Tutorial 7: cardiac, respiration, and eyeblink EMG pre-processing (Dominik R Bach)

Course preparation

For the tutorials, we suggest that participants install Matlab and PsPM on their computers, download the provided data sets, and try to replicate the instructors’ demonstrations. Useful links for all courses: