Course materials are available at the bottom of the page and on our SwitchTube channel.

Live-online PsPM course spring 2020

Because of course cancellations during the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer a live-online PsPM course and tutorial between 6 April and 14 May 2020. Each course day contains a 1-h lecture on a given topic, and a 1-h pop-in tutorial on a related or different topics. Lectures and tutorials can be attended individually or in succession. Participants are invited to bring their questions and data to the tutorials.

In the following course program, clickable links to each course day will appear after the previous course day ended. Details on how to participate, and suggested preparation, are found at the end of the program.

Monday 6 April 2020

13.00 UTC (other timezones) Lecture: PsPM preliminaries: retrodictive validity & why do we need this? (Dominik R Bach)

14.00 UTC (other timezones) Starter tutorial: opening Matlab & PsPM, PsPM GUI, data import, Troubleshooting (Filip Melinscak)

Thursday 9 April 2020

13.00 UTC (other timezones) Lecture: LTI & GLM (Dominik R Bach)

14.00 UTC (other timezones) Tutorial: GLM GUI, GLM review (Dominik R Bach)

Thursday 16 April 2020

13.00 UTC (other timezones) Lecture: SCR (Dominik R Bach)

14.00 UTC (other timezones) Tutorial: Non-linear SCR model, SCR quality control (Dominik R Bach)

Thursday 23 April 2020

13.00 UTC (other timezones) Lecture: Pupil models (Christoph W. Korn)

14.00 UTC (other timezones) Tutorial: pre-processing pupil data, luminance model, fear-conditioning model (Christoph W. Korn)

Thursday 30 April 2020

13.00 UTC (other timezones) Lecture: HPR (Philipp C. Paulus)

14.00 UTC (other timezones) Tutorial: workflow automation 1 – looping over batch jobs and matlab coding (Filip Melinscak)

Thursday 7 May 2020

13.00 UTC (other timezones) Lecture: Respiration, startle eyeblink (Dominik R Bach)

14.00 UTC (other timezones) Tutorial: workflow automation – calling functions directly and matlab coding (Filip Melinscak) (slides, tutorial files)

Thursday 14 May 2020

13.00 UTC (other timezones) Lecture: Fear conditioning – comparison of models, scanpath length, new developments (Yanfang Xia)

14.00 UTC (other timezones) Tutorial: Preprocessing cardiac, respiratory and startle data, open Q&A (Dominik R Bach)

All sessions take place via zoom. Attendees may need to download and install the Zoom software in advance of joining the meeting:

The Zoom channel will be available for people to join 15 minutes before each meeting. To maintain bandwidth and avoid problems with audio, please could attendees ensure their video is switched off after joining the meeting, and that their microphone is muted when they are not speaking. In the Q&A, please use the “raise hand” functionality in Zoom to let the chair know you have a question (see here for demonstration).

For the tutorials, we suggest that participants install Matlab and PsPM on their computers, download the provided data sets, and try to replicate the instructors’ demonstrations. Useful links:

Upcoming PsPM courses

There are regular PsPM courses. To check for updates, have a look on our news site, on bachlab news, or follow bachlab on twitter.

The following courses were cancelled by the organisers due to COVID-19 pandemic:

30.3.2020 - cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic - EMHFC 2020 Bochum (workshop on pupil size measurements)

30.6.-01.07.2020 - cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic - ESCAN 2020 Budapest (full 2-day PsPM satellite workshop with practical training)

Past PsPM courses

Course slides & webcasts

All course webcasts are hosted on our SwitchTube channel.

  • 01 PsPM Overview: Slides (Dominik R. Bach)
  • 02 LTI & GLM: Slides (Dominik R. Bach)
  • 03 SCR models: Slides (Dominik R. Bach)
  • 04 Pupil size models: Slides (Christoph W. Korn)
  • 05 Heart period models: Slides (Philipp C. Paulus)
  • 06 Respiration & startle eye blink models: Slides (Dominik R. Bach)
  • 07 Measuring fear conditioning with PsPM: Slides
  • Tutorial 2: GLM (Dominik R Bach)
  • Tutorial 3: non-linear SCR model and artefact control (Dominik R Bach)
  • Tutorial 4: pupil size analysis (Christoph W Korn)
  • Tutorial 5: Workflow automation I (Filip Melinscak)
  • Slides
  • Tutorial files

  • Tutorial 6: Workflow automation II (Filip Melinscak)
  • Slides
  • Tutorial files)

  • Tutorial 7: cardiac, respiration, and eyeblink EMG pre-processing (Dominik R Bach)